New Blog!

Hello, all!

I am here to let you all know that I have a new blog! I will, unfortunately, no longer be updating this blog at the moment.

I have started taking up ballroom lessons and this has been pretty much front and center in my life! I’m so excited and so passionate about it, I can’t help but share my experience with everyone.

I plan on blogging about non-dance things, similar to the posts I made here.  Somehow those non-dance topics will be related to dancing for me somehow.  Just like how I can justify any purchase (lol), I can connect everything I do to dancing.

I’m also ridiculously obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and will be posting about that as well.

If you’re interested, please check out (and follow me) at

Be well and take care 🙂


Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse Review

Hello!  So I have wanted to do a juice cleanse for a while now.  Why?  I have been feeling the need to hit “reset” for a while now, and I think a huge amount of vegetables and fruits will help.  Sure, I can eat it, but I wanted to try something different.  I have done my research on all of the different cleanses out there, and determined that I wanted to try the Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse.  The main factor of this decision was availability to me.  I did not want to have to order online and pay a crazy amount for shipping (because most have to be shipped overnight).  The Suja 3-day program was available to me at my local Whole Foods.  The fantastic part for my bank account is that Whole Foods had it available for $149.99 (it’s $162.00 plus shipping on their website) and even though I didn’t ask for it, they gave me an additional case discount (10% off)!  It’s still not “cheap”, but I would honestly rather pay to have the work of planning, shopping, prepping, juicing, bottling, cleaning, etc. done for me.

Originally I was going to start tomorrow, but I think with my work schedule it is best for me to start today.  My days off this week are tomorrow and Wednesday.  It was a debate because I wanted to make sure work had coverage in case I had to … go relieve myself lol.  Today is the best day for that coverage rather than Thursday.

When I brought the case home, I felt like it was Christmas!  I am genuinely excited to start!  I think I will review the three days on this single post with possibly a review on the juices themselves on another post.  We’ll see.  I unfortunately did not prep like I wanted to by eating super clean the few days before, but I looooove juice and vegetables and fruits and I’m hoping I won’t have any problems with adjusting.  I did start this morning with a cup of water with lemon to alkalize my body, now I’m just waiting for those hunger signals!


Day 1:

I didn’t prep by eating super-clean like I wanted.  The first day wasn’t too bad.  I did experience a headache about halfway in.  My favorites were definitely Green Supreme and Vanilla Cloud.  Fiji’s ginger was strong for me.  I am glad I juiced before, because the carrot and beet juices aren’t yummy for people who aren’t used to those flavors (I think).  I wasn’t hungry and pretty satisfied by the end of the day.

Day 2:

Day 2 went better.  I made sure to drink tons of water.  I think that was the cause of my headache (dehydration).  Fiji’s ginger wasn’t that strong this time.  It was easy because I had the day off with not really much to do, just housework.  I did a tiny bit of working out, but not enough to get too hungry.

Day 3:

The final day had me contemplating eating something.  I didn’t realize how many food-related commercials are on television.  I got past that by avoiding the commercials and using the good ol’ DVR and fast-fowarding through everything.  It was torture when my husband left one last bite of his burger on the plate.  I swear it was staring at me.  I didn’t snap, but basically asked him to hurry up and eat it because it’s teasing me.


I actually enjoyed the cleanse and the juices.  They were all delicious.  Green Supreme and Vanilla Cloud are still my favorites.  I would do a one-day version maybe every other month.  After the three days, I really wanted actual fruits and vegetables.  That was a pleasant surprise.  Since then, I have been eating better and feel like I did reset my system.

Oh, and I lost 5 pounds.  Probably water weight, but I’m okay with that too 🙂

I’m Nuts!

I love nuts. I love nut butters.

This is going to be a kind of silly post.

So I was in a meeting at work and there were two platters of assorted cookies for a snack. I searched for my one cookie of choice. Peanut butter. Found it! That made the meeting better.

I see posts on IG and Pinterest about peanut butter obsessions and recipes. I prefer any candy with peanut butter over any other candy (I don’t eat them often). I just discovered that my local ice cream shop can do a peanut butter milkshake (it’s amazing, but I don’t have that often either).

My stash at home looks a little like this:


“Traditional” creamy peanut butter from Publix, Justin’s maple and vanilla almond butter, Peanut Butter & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams, and Smucker’s Creamy Organic Peanut Butter.

Who really needs all of that?

I do!

I’ve had this love since I was little. As you can see, with all of these other types of nut butters in the market, I have expanded my horizons.

One thing I will say is that I do not care for the PB I grew up with. The creaminess is too creamy. I love the grittiness of the more natural styles.

I am also a bit of a purist. Or maybe stingy. I won’t cook with PB at home because I can’t deal with taking half a cup from the jar and making cookies. I want it to last as long as possible… although I may use the PB I don’t care for, just so I can use it up and get rid of it lol.

I think that’s all I have to say about that.

This about sums it up for me:



Healthy Snacking While Traveling


This is a quick post about attempting to eat healthier while traveling. Husband and I live 2.5 hours away from Orlando and drive up every chance we get to go to Disney (we have weekday select annual passes and there are blackout dates from June until the end of September). Being away from home always makes it difficult to stick to what you would normally eat at home. I purchased the snacks above the day before we left at Target to see if I can be “better” during this trip.

Fruit and veggies seem to be less plentiful than things like heavy carbs, sweets, and yummy fatty foods. I purchased the more “grown up” version of the squeezable fruit to remedy that. I can always order a salad, but when there are unique offerings (like a hot dog topped with truffle mac & cheese with bacon), who really wants to eat a plain ol’ salad? My plan in this case is to split the naughty item with Husband and give him the bigger half. The fruit pouch was in the car all day, so it’s in the hotel fridge now to get nice and cool before I try it. Edit: I just had it in the morning abd it is yummy! A but sweet for me because all the fruit involved, but still good!

I bought the trail mix as a driving snack to share. It was on clearance, and sometimes that combined with reasonable ingredients is all it takes for me to put it in my basket. When the competition comes from a drive through or rest stop, this seems like a decent option.

I’ve been meaning to try this jerky. It’s all natural with no nitrates and other funky stuff, so it’s a decent source of protein for me that travels well.

Finally, the Justin’s honey peanut butter was on sale (2 for $1), and I’ve wanted to try it. I’m hoping I can have this instead of dessert. It is pretty calorie-dense (as all nuts are), but I’m addicted to peanut butter and thus is a treat for me.

What seems to be hardest of all is drinking all the water I’m used to drinking. I have one of those reusable water bottles that is really a bag, so that will definitely come to the park with me tomorrow. Water fountains are plentiful, but they just don’t do it for me.

Today was a huge splurge, starting with a donut and bottle frappaccinos in the morning, splitting a bbq pork & cole slaw hot dog, a beer to cool down, and happy hour with sushi and a martini… go big or go home?  I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t really try today (obviously). I will have my fruit tonight and be more mindful tomorrow on the second day of our trip!



Here We Go Again …

It’s been over a year since my last post.  I’m not sure exactly why, but it has been that long.

This post is to start the “new phase” of this little blog’s life.  At first, I wanted to be like other bloggers and have schedules and themes and topics planned for my posts.  Then I realized something: I don’t live my life like that, why should my blog?  I have so many interests, plans, and my schedule is all over the place, so why not let my blog reflect that?  Why just limit this to fitness and healthy recipes, with everything else shoved into the “life” category.

My life is full of randomness, so my blog will now reflect that.  I don’t stick to an amazing fitness routine or eat healthy all the time, so why fake a life that I’m not living?  Do I really care what strangers think?  No offense, but not really.

So here are some things that have sparked my interest lately (fun things, not things like work):

  • Dancing with the Stars – I’ve always been a fan of the show, but I have developed an obsession with it this season.  The stars have been really great and competitive, giving viewers an entertaining show.  I have a crush .  Surprise, surprise.
  • Ballroom Dancing – Because of DWTS, I want to get back into dance lessons.  I started dancing salsa back in 2002, and kept with it for a good 7-8 years until I kind of got burnt out.  I would love to see if ballroom is something I can get into.  I think I like the Latin dances more than the ballroom dances, but I won’t really know until I try.  I’m also dying to learn tango.  It’s soooo intense!  I’ve spent the last few weeks researching studios in the Palm Beach, Florida area.  I want to spend my money wisely!
  • Duolingo – This little app is amazing!  You get college-level instruction all for FREE!  The languages included are Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.  I’m on my way to becoming a polyglot!
  • New Fitness Routine – Since I’ve been bit by the dancing bug, I’ve been doing my own type of workout.  I canceled my gym membership because I cannot torture myself with another 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I start out with dancing around for 30 minutes (my favorite stations on Pandora lately: #twerkit, Mongo Santamaria, and Justin Timberlake) and then a workout on with my ZGym membership.  For my cool-down, I dance around more until I have to rush and get ready for my day.
  • ZGym – Zuzka Light became an online fitness star a few years ago posting videos of free workouts on YouTube.  She is now on her own (I won’t go into what happened, but I am Team Zuzana for sure), and has a website with online workouts.  She has an archive of free workouts on YouTube, but I opted for her website because 1) I love supporting women entrepreneurs and 2) The workouts are short and ass-kicking.  I’ve only had it for a couple weeks now, but I can tell you that it’s much easier for me to do a 15-minute workout that is constantly changing and challenging than 45 minutes on the boring cardio machines.  I’m actually more likely to do 2 or 3 of these because it is so fun and challenging.  I started with the ZBeginner workouts.  They are still challenging in that you push yourself as hard as you want to.  I always want to beat the amount I did from the day before, so I just put on my #twerkit radio and get to work.  It’s worth the membership!
  • Disney – Now that I am back in Florida, trips to Disney have been more frequent.  I love all of the theme parks in Orlando (as well as the city itself, my college stomping grounds [Go Knights!]), so I’m hoping to include more posts about the fun I have there.
  • Travel – We just got back from Guatemala a couple weeks ago and starting to plan the next trip.  I love going abroad, but there are also many places within the US I’d like to visit.  Where to next?

So I think this is a good start.  Expect to see posts on the above topics and much more.

And I say “yay!” all the time … so in closing (this may not make much sense, but let’s see it as cheering to life) …


Meal Planning & Cooking with Pinterest

If you know me, you know at least these two things: 1) I love to cook and find new recipes, and 2) I’m always on the hunt for new and delicious things to try.

As you saw in a previous post, I love Pinterest.  Prior to Pinterest, I would watch cooking shows, browse through countless websites, Google something that might sound good, etc.  It was kind of time-consuming, now that I think about it.  And a little wasteful (I would often print recipes, so often that I have a binder filled with them).

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s basically a bunch of virtual bulliten/idea boards where you can organize links to things like recipes, clothing, exercises, decor, DIY projects, etc, rather than printing everything out or saving them in your browser’s bookmarks.  You can search for certain things, you can see what your friends are pinning, and you can make your own boards and save things to them.  I currently have 24 boards (I like lots of things lol).

So this comes to cooking with Pinterest.  Of course you can find something every day, make a grocery list, and go to the store daily, but I don’t want to do that.  I like to try and do one, maybe two trips max.  Any more than that, and I buy things I don’t really need.  I tend to be a tad adventerous and make meals from new recipes about 4 times a week.  I try to, at least.  But with there being only two of us, I’ve been trying out around 2 new recipes a week and easy go-to recipes for the other nights.

Anyway, the BIGGEST help for you is the magical grocery list!  It’s not really magical, but when I remember to use it (and stick to it), it’s a little magical lol.

Things that make grocery list assembly easier and budget-friendly:

  • Making the grocery list is much easier if you’re the primary grocery shopper.  You generally have a good idea of what you have, what you don’t have, what you could use more of, etc.
  • Select recipes that share the same/similar ingredients.  I love using fresh herbs, but there is no herb on the market that is just 1/4 cup.  Or a “sprinkle” for garnish.
  • Check the local ads to see what’s on sale. I’ve eliminated buying those dinners in a box where you just add meat and water, so I keep my eyes on the produce and meats.  I just recently bought 10 chicken thighs for $6.50 , so I portioned them out and froze them to thaw for later meals.  [I have marinade recipes I use for chicken all the time (will post later when I cook them) because I’m one of those few people who actually kind of hates chicken.  I like it when it’s good, but for the most part I’d rather do without it.]   The idea here is to select recipes where the ingredients call for something that’s on sale.  More money saved!
  • Eat before you go to the store.  I’ve heard this over and over again.  I never really believed it until I noticed a pattern of buying “snacky” things when I went right after work.  It’ll save your wallet and waistline 🙂
  • Clean out the fridge before you go to the store.  It’s just easier to put things away when there is more room.
  • Arrange grocery list by the sections in the store.  Start in the non-perishables and make your way to the fresh, then refrigerated/frozen items.  I actually just started consciously doing this.  I guess I never noticed I’d walk back and forth, back and forth just from writing things out of order lol.

Have you learned anything helpful that I haven’t listed here? Please share!

I’m the meantime, happy reading, pinning, cooking, planning, etc etc lol!

Exercising with Pinterest

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ll know there is a whole section just for Health & Fitness.  I even have my own, inspired by a line from a Fergie song.  In this section, you’ll find tons of articles about exercise and some healthy recipes from mostly magazines and blogs.  Here are my thoughts in an easy list:


  • You get ideas for exercise you would never really think of trying (I found barre workouts. I forgot they existed lol)
  • I’ve started to do an exercise routine I’ve pinned just about every other day, for great variation.
  • You can learn something new (I learned a new shoulder exercise with dumbbells)
  • Anything that motivates you to move is always good!


  • Not everyone is a fitness/nutrition professional and not everyone will tell you that (I’m not … yet!), so their information may not be accurate (just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true).
  • It can be a little dangerous if you’re not experienced in exercise.  Form is soooo important!
  • The images used may not be super realistic.

I plan on using Pinterest to add variation to my workouts so I don’t get bored. It’s also a good way to learn about things you haven’t tried before (I’m curious about Barre and CrossFit).